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autonomous_evolutionAutonomous Evolution

How can thermal gradients drive Darwinian Evolution? Can we host replication and selection on the molecular level in a single chamber? We experimentally probe disequilibrium scenarios of early evolution. This project is funded with an ERC Starting Grant.

nanotemperBiomolecule Binding Assays with Thermophoresis

We use a thermal field to quantify the affinity of biomolecule binding. A wide range of concentrations and molecule sizes can be probed. See our Biotech Startup NanoTemper

invivo_kineticsIn-Vivo Kinetics

How fast are reactions inside living cells? We invented an optical Lock-in method is used to image fast kinetics in living cells with optical resolution.

hydrothermal_trapOpto-Thermal Molecule Trap (movie)

We showed that a moving laser can accumulate short DNA by combining thermophoresis and light driven microflow. The result is a molecule trap going far beyond optical trapping.

light_driven_microflowLight driven microfluidics (movie)

We invented a way to use a warm laser spot to move water with optical resolution (also in ice). This is the basis for light driven microfluidics. Fluids can be moved without mechanical contact.

thermophoresisUnderstanding Thermophoresis

We used a local equilibrium model to predict thermophoresis quantitatively for the first time. The model was applied equally well to polystyrene beads and DNA of various length.


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