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beadsDo you want to work in an internationally linked lab, combining cutting edge technology from physics, optics and biochemistry? We explore the origin of life in the lab. At the focus are replication, accumulation and selection in heat-driven, non-equilibrium molecule traps to trigger prebiotic molecular evolution. We design and build our experimental setups ourselves, combining optics, mechanics, microfluidics, fluorescence microscopy and programming. We are making fast progress, publishing in leading journals such as PRL, PNAS or Nature Chemistry.

The spin-off Nanotemper was founded in our lab by Stefan Duhr and Philipp Baaske, then PhD students, now heading their own company with more then 100 employees and winning prestigious awards. Our lab continues to push for novel methods for biology, including molecule binding screens or innovative light sheet microscopies.

Our aim is to stay flexible and keep innovation at maximum in a lab with flat hierarchies. Our projects typically combine experiments with theoretical modeling using finite element methods or collaborations with theoretical biophysics (Frey, Gerland, Broedersz). We are co-founders of a new origins of life initiative in Munich (Olim) and recently became part of an international team of top scientists within the Simons Collaboration on the Origins of Life.

Typically, we link Bachelor projects with PhD students - but also in the past pushed stand alone Bachelors towards publication. For Master thesis, please inquire personally since projects are adapted to the state of the art of our experiments - posting projects risks of them being outdated or already taken by students. Similar things apply for PhD positions, which we often offer to Master students or announce them on a European level over Jobvector or QBM.

In case you are interested, stop by our lab, chat with our lab members or inquire directly by email E-Mail schicken an dieter.braun@lmu.de dieter.braun@lmu.de or phone: 2180-1484.

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