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ccd_lockinLock-In by molecular multiplication

Dieter Braun and Albert Libchaber
Applied Physics Letters 83:5554-5556 (2003)

laminar_pcrExponential DNA Replication by Laminar Convection

Dieter Braun, Noel L. Goddard and Albert Libchaber
Physical Review Letters 91:158103 (2003)

[Article by Physical Review Focus; Nature News Article]

two_microspheresMultiplexed DNA Quantification by Spectroscopic Shift of Two Microsphere Cavities

Frank Vollmer, Stephen Arnold, Dieter Braun, Iwao Teraoka and Albert Libchaber
Biophysical Journal 85:1974–1979 (2003)

[Article by Biophotonics International]

BookkeepingmachanicsNontrivial Bookkeeping: a mechanical Perspective

Robert Fischer and Dieter Braun
Physica A 324:266-271 (2003)

temp_randomTransfer Potentials shape and equilibrate Monetary Systems

Robert Fischer and Dieter Braun
Physica A 321:605-618 (2003)


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